Joshua Gans holds the Skoll Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto where he is a Professor of Strategic Management. In 2010, he was a visiting scholar at Harvard University and in 2011, he was a visiting research at Microsoft Research. Joshua is also Managing Director of, economics consultancy, CoRE Research. While Joshua’s research interests are varied he has developed specialities in the nature of technological competition and innovation, economic growth, publishing economics, industrial organisation and regulatory economics. He has also co-authored (with Stephen King and Robin Stonecash) the Australasian edition of Greg Mankiw’s Principles of Economics (published by Cengage), Core Economics for Managers (Cengage), Finishing the Job (MUP) and Parentonomics (New South/MIT Press). In 2007, Joshua was awarded the Economic Society of Australia’s Young Economist Award. In 2008, Joshua was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Australia.

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