A couple of years ago, I made a ‘less than scholarly’ edit to Wikipedia; specifically the entry on public good. Here is a video of what I did and what happened. It illustrates how the Wikipedian community defends the platform and why that is so strong. In this case, my assault on the public good entry was defended by a Wikipedia, Willscrit (aka Will Murray).

By the way, this week my students are engaging in more responsible Wikipedia edits. Here is the result.

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  1. What an excellent project for students. Great idea.

    I’ve had my fingers slapped brutally trying this in the past, sufficiently to make me conclude: I’ll leave the editing of Wikipedia to the anally-retentive.

    But it’s a great sporting challenge: make a well-researched and well-documented change to a Wikipedia entry and see if it lasts a week! (None of mine lasted for even 24 hours.)

  2. […] a disproportionately large interest in protecting the integrity of the site. I found that out with a little experiment a few years back. Basically, the volunteers protect entries from vandalism. They also ensure that […]

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