Credit Where Credit’s Due

Most of the year I work on digital topics. But I spend some time each year around the holidays – including this post - thinking about the economics of gift giving. For folks who traffic in ideas, it’s good to be known for something. So I guess I shouldn’t complain about the attention I get … Continue reading

Top Dozen Tech Events of 2013

It is time to look back, and give some awards for the best events in information and communications technology. And what a year it was -- with Snowden, Healthcare IT, the Twitter IPO, and plenty of other events deserving both recognition and sarcastic observation. Just like last year, there are … Continue reading
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Technology Awards for 2012

It is time to end this year by giving out technology awards! This post contains a baker’s dozen. They go to firms and managers who took notable actions in technology markets in 2012. There are no fixed categories of awards. Some categories are recycled from last year's awards, but some are … Continue reading
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What the Internet was invented for

There are lots of claims to the 'thing that the Internet was invented for.' My current nomination for winner is this post by Sir John Gurdon winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine this week. He had to wait 53 years to win a Nobel prize and to be fortunate enough that the Internet had been … Continue reading